Staying Fit While Traveling

Hello, again.  Today’s guest blogger is Mike Manning, fitness enthusiast. Take it away, Mike!


Staying Fit While Traveling- A Little Research Goes A Long Way
The importance of staying active and sticking to an exercise plan is on the minds of most people these days. Added stress from daily life can make exercising all the more necessary to rid the body of harmful energy and maintain optimum fitness. When people travel, they may find it hard to keep up with their exercise plan that they adhere to back home. What’s more, the tendency to “let loose” may affect daily routine and increase calories. It’s possible to stick to a workout routine even while on the road.


Hotel Fitness Center


Many hotels are ramping up efforts to accommodate health conscious guests by providing modern workout facilities. These facilities may be anything from a room to a full size gym. It is wise to investigate hotel fitness provisions before booking to make sure that it’s possible to continue a fitness regimen. On a recent trip to San Francisco I was able to book a great hotel with a 24-hour gym because of a little research. I searched through a travel reviews site and was given a list of the best hotels in San Francisco. From there I could click through each hotel and investigate reviews from people who previously stayed there. This made my trip so much better because I was able to workout very early every morning, keeping to my usual schedule.


Exercise At The Airport


It may not always be possible to dedicate time to exercise while traveling due to the nature of the trip. For this reason, a few airports around the U.S. are now offering fitness services. One example is San Francisco International Airport now offering a yoga room for guests. This free, post- security room allows for relaxation and exercise before, after, or between flights. Minneapolis International Airport is now also offering walking paths in a few of it’s concourses, allowing for a quick walk or jog. This 1.4 mile “loop” is free of charge as well.


Staying Dedicated


It is very possible to continue a workout plan while traveling. Hotels and airports are providing more and more services to accommodate guests who are away from home, yet still aware of their health. It also pays to be diligent in seeking ways to improvise exercise and staying dedicated to working out, wherever it may be.


Thanks, Mike. I think that anyone who struggles with a fitness routine while traveling will appreciate your input!

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